Do You Use Videos?

If not, maybe you should. See below article: Poll results: video as a marketing tool Digital Dealer recently conducted a poll asking dealership Internet sales managers, e-Commerce Directors, BDC managers, CRM managers, dealers and department managers who are most interested … Read More

Email, Making a Comeback

It wasn’t long ago that email was predicted to be the destroyer of direct mail. Then the public’s confidence in direct mail went the way of the dodo thanks to the piles and piles of virtual junk that was heaped … Read More

Internet To Become Top Channel For Used Car Marketers

Here’s another good one: The Center for Media Research says that according to a new report from Borrell Associates, automotive ad spending will reach $31 billion this year, but total ad dollars will grow only 1.7 percent during the next … Read More

“Ultimate Tipping Point For Dealers”

by Cheril Hendry I came across this article and thought it would be of interest to our readers. Even the best online efforts of national and regional automotive marketers fall victim to the retail dealer’s ability to destroy them. But … Read More


Welcome to GO DIGITAL, a blog dedicated to the digital marketing side of the automotive retail business. Every year, more and more cars are being sold online. And the tools and technologies employed by dealerships to sell those cars is … Read More