Digital Marketing’s Killer Characteristic

It’s been said before and it’ll probably be said again. But something this important bears repeating… Digital Marketing’s cost per unit is essentially ZERO! There are no printing costs. No postage costs. No media buys. No commissions to sales people … Read More

Internet Buy-In From the Top

by : Craig Criswell Discussions with Internet directors, managers, trainers and consultants from around the country show there is a universal theme for a successful Internet deployment – you must have buy-in from the top (the top being the dealership … Read More

Get Your Motor Running

Online advertising is quickly gaining importance in the automotive space as potential customers flock to the web. According to a 2006 study by comScore (Impacts and ROI of Internet Local, Classifieds, and Directory Advertising), 65 percent of all U.S. Internet … Read More

Dealer Websites Built in Flash are Pretty… Invisible

When an auto dealership is considering a new website, one of their first considerations is typically the look and feel of the site. Dealerships pride themselves on the image they project to their customers, so it’s natural that they are … Read More

Industry Trends – Going Digital with Your Marketing

The Automotive industry has finally decided they need to join the internet revolution. Dealerships are hiring Internet Managers, Setting up BDCs, and looking for website providers for their dealership, but are they looking for the right things? The big push … Read More

Marketing On Their Terms

I was reading a collection of articles online this last weekend involving, in one way or another, “The Death of the :30 Spot.” They told of the increasing irrelevance of traditional advertising methods and how today’s consumer — including today’s … Read More

Women Dominate Auto Decision Making and Purchasing Arena

An article on the decision makers & how they make their decisions (hint: it isn’t a commercial involving a rock song) Women are the primary decision makers for over 80 percent of any major and minor household purchases, including cars … Read More

Win the E-mail Budget Battle

Good article that supports e-mail marketing, find out how to make it work: Email generates the best ROI of all marketing channels. Find out how to get a piece of the pie and turn the cold, hard numbers into a … Read More

End Searcher Optimization: the New SEO

Good article on Search Engine Optimization Seems the world isn’t waiting for anyone to catch up. In a recent ClickZ column, long-respected SEO (define) guru Mike Grehan suggested we search for “Spider-Man 3.” There we glimpse into the future … Read More