Five Things your Dealership Should Do to Embrace the Internet

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Marketing Dollars Don’t Grow on Trees: How online advertising can revolutionize your dealership’s marketing budget

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The Power Of Proactivity: Marketing to the other 98%

Unlike many other industries, where consumers plow though a product and immediately buy more (i.e. milk, office supplies, soda) the auto industry has a slower consumption cycle. The average consumer keeps their car 2.5-3 years and at any given time … Read More

Where Have All the Viewers Gone?

Published: August 21, 2007 By Stephen Newman iMedia Connection Internap’s EVP of advertising services explores ways that networks can work around the decline in traditional TV viewership and still reach large audiences with more accuracy. Figures show fewer people are … Read More

What Online Shoppers Want: More local

Published: August 20, 2007, iMedia Connection Kelly Blue Book reports that consumers want more local information when they’re purchasing a car; here’s the data and how to apply it. When consumers go online, they most likely are searching for information … Read More

Coupons: A Story of Redemption

Published: August 14, 2007 iMedia Connection by Steven Boal If you want to both boost sales and track how online is affecting offline purchases, try online coupons. The rise of interactive marketing has been incredibly quick and continues at a … Read More

The New Benefits of Search for Dealers

Good article about Search Engine Marketing… Published: June 25, 2007 – iMedia Connection Early internet education In the early days of the internet, while consulting large metro dealerships about how the internet was changing their business, the concern was always … Read More