E-Mail Takes the Lead in the Digital Marketing Arena

Appeared in: Digital Dealer Thursday, September 27, 2007 Issue 39 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 39 According to The McKinsey Quarterly, the business journal of the global management-consulting firm McKinsey & Company, chief marketers worldwide use e-mail in their campaigns. In a … Read More

The Industry Matures

I think it’s safe to say we’ve reached a point where it’s safe to say that this Internet thing isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the industry is growing out of its adolescence and is maturing. What’s that mean? Well I … Read More

Internet Marketing Requires Embracing Change

Digital Dealer Magazine September 2007 by : Bill Mulcahy In the new world of Internet marketing, one of the most challenging aspects for many dealers to embrace is the huge paradigm shift from traditional advertising campaigns to the ever-changing requirements … Read More

Meet the Clip Culture Crowd

Ward’s Dealer Business, Sep 1, 2007 12:00 PM The MySpace/iPod/Text/Blackberry/YouTube generation gets information from a myriad of sources, all originating from the Internet. “And it’s all about what type of information they want, and when they want it,” says Brian … Read More

Taking the “geek” out of your site management strategy

Published: September 13, 2007 By Robert Rose iMedia Connection What matters most for marketers is not the totality of features offered on websites, but the frequency and quality of the conversation. When I was a teenager, my grandfather, a Scottsman, … Read More

Websites Can’t Create Leads

Your website has never created a single lead. There, I said it. Long lauded as the be all, end all of internet marketing, the website will always remain a limited, albeit powerful tool. Why is that, you ask? Well it’s … Read More

What is the Best Internet Structure for Each Dealership?

Auto Remarketing Magazine By Bobby Malatia, of Kain Automotive September 05, 2007 As I travel throughout the country, I am constantly asked, “What is the best Internet structure for our dealership?” Most of the time the dealership already has a … Read More

The Future Is Clear For Some Dealerships Where Most Are Still in a Fog

Many dealerships are gearing up their efforts to build their email database, knowing this will be their primary means of communication with their customers now and in the future. As newspaper advertising continues to decline the prevalence of Internet Marketing … Read More