SEO lessons Nike and Tiffany’s didn’t learn

by Lisa Wehr Published October 17, 2007 in iMedia Connection A newly released Oneupweb study of retailers reveals some startling facts about the power of optimizing for search. Quick, who’s the largest online retailer of shoes? Nike? Footlocker? Payless? Timberland? … Read More

The Internet Is A Fad?

“The Internet is a fad, it is going to be like CB radios.” – Blake C., circa 1997 That was 10 years ago. And, I’m happy to say, it couldn’t be further from the truth. The internet has so integrated … Read More

Keep It Clean

As dealership marketing becomes more and more digital (admit it, it’s happening), most dealerships are also moving away from mass marketing to more targeted efforts. And as they do this, the importance of good, clean data is becoming increasingly important. … Read More

Let’s Get Little (and Frequent)

Faster, faster, faster. And more efficient. It seems to be the driving force behind Western Culture. As our lives become more cluttered and we’re bombarded with more and more demands on our time, we’re increasingly insistent that our information be … Read More

Dealerships – Caught in a Viscous Cycle!

Over the last few years dealerships have started to wake up to the fact that the Internet is here to stay, however many are lost on how to address it. So they are hiring so called “Internet Managers” who claim … Read More

Attention Car Dealerships: Google Doesn’t See, Google Reads.

Whether you’re creating a new car dealership website or maintaining an existing one, the chances are great that you’re doing so with the intention of your website being your ultimate marketing tool. You want it to be found by potential … Read More