Location, Location, Location

If you were going to build a new physical location for your dealership, the “where” would be as, if not more, important than the “what.” After all if potential customers couldn’t find you, then buying a vehicle from you becomes … Read More

Video Product Tours Yield 35% Increase in Online Sales Conversion

Appeared in Marketing Vox 11/26/07 A SellPoint, Inc. study conducted by Coremetrics found a significant increase in product purchases after online shoppers viewed audio/video tours of products, writes MarketingCharts. The study analyzed online shopping behaviors to measure the impact SellPoint’s … Read More

What Is Your Key Metric?

If any paradigm shift has dominated marketing thought over the past decade, it is this: If a tactic can’t be measured, it can’t be trusted. It is this sort of thinking that has driven marketers, dealerships and otherwise, to shift … Read More

eMarketer: online advertising skyrockets

From Digital Dealer Nov 15, 2007 Volume 2, issue 46 eMarketer foresees U.S. online advertising will more than double as a percentage of total media, rising from only a six percent share of total media in 2006, to a little … Read More

With Your Website, Control Is Paramount

It has recently come to our attention that one of our competitors, Cobalt, has partnered with General Motors to offer manufacturer-endorsed template websites. At first, it seems that using one of these basic, inflexible sites is mandatory… but this is … Read More

“Top Ten” signs a dealership is not serious about the Internet

10. They have AOL or Hotmail email address. 9. They still have the Field of Dreams mentality (Build it and they will come) 8. The Internet Manager spends more time integrating that new flying airplane on the site than making … Read More

Web Sites Influencing Used Car Buyers

From Digital Dealer Thursday, November 1, 2007 Issue 44 VOLUME 2 ISSUE 44 Among late-model used-vehicle buyers who use the Internet during the shopping process, Internet use has surpassed all other shopping methods as the source for locating the vehicle … Read More