Walk, Don’t Run, To Marketing Success

As you make an aggressive move into 2008, we’d like to remind you of a key maxim of modern marketing, namely that marketing is an iterative process. In other words, it’s not something you do once and sit back and … Read More

Time to Review

As we countdown the last few days of 2007, it’s an appropriate time to take a look back at your year. How did your marketing perform? Here are a few questions I’d be asking before planning for 2008… – In … Read More

Top Spots in Search Listings — Organic or Paid — Prove Key for Branding

From Marketing Vox, 12/11/07 There is significant correlation between brands’ appearing in the top organic search and sponsored placements, and consumer brand affinity, recall and purchase intent, according to results from a Google-sponsored eye-tracking study published in a whitepaper, reports … Read More

Dynamic Internet Marketing

From Dealer Marketing Magazine December 18, 2007 Unlike other forms of advertising, Internet marketing is nearly 100 percent trackable. You not only know what you are getting from your efforts, but you can evaluate and adjust to improve your results. … Read More

Competing With Manufacturer Websites

There’s no denying it. Across the board, every automobile manufacturer has built an outstanding website full of multimedia, fancy Hollywood-quality production and possibly music by the Rolling Stones. So when winning a customer’s business lies increasingly on your ability to … Read More

How to Personalize the Online Sales Experience

by : John Federman Digital Dealer Magazine November 2007 Professionals in the automotive industry are known for their knack of engaging customers the minute they walk onto a showroom floor. However, most dealers fail to deliver that same personal touch … Read More

Digital Differentiation

Use digital media to set your dealership apart from the crowd. Look out across your dealership and you’ll see rows and rows of shiny new cars… All with that new car smell, low low financing and a pile of customer … Read More

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