The Power Of “Thank You”

As our society speeds along ever faster and communication is channeled through one technology or another – all this powered by the internet and instant access to the totality of man’s accumulated knowledge, of course – common courtesies seem to … Read More


By David Kain Ward’s Dealer Business, Apr 1, 2008 12:00 PM You likely shop or research online with the expectation that the websites you visit will have the information you seek. When the sites you select don’t have the information, … Read More

Reuse. Recycle.

I’ve always thought that as bandwidth expanded and became less of a hindrance to online multimedia (I don’t know anyone that’s still on dial up!), we’d see a lot of crossover and repurposing between traditional media (television, radio, newspaper, direct … Read More

Maximize PPC campaign returns

Published: April 14, 2008 in iMedia Connection Has your PPC campaign maxed out in terms of ROI? Not to fear — you can continue to boost returns by following these suggestions. As I trawled through my daily fix of industry … Read More

Make Those Opt-Ins Count

So you’ve been collecting emails for months or even years now. You’ve got hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who have raised their hands and agreed to listen to what you have to say. So what are you doing … Read More

Text-Only or HTML: Email’s Million-Dollar Question

It’s one of the most commonly debated issues in e-marketing: Should the emails you send out be text-only or should they be HTML? The argument for text-only goes like this… It feels less like advertising, it’s better at getting around … Read More

Study: Auto Market Among Top Online Sales Categories

From Auto Remarketing April 08, 2008 SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Despite widespread retail declines across the American economy, a recent study projects an upswing in online shopping for 2008. This includes the auto industry, which analysts predict to be among the top … Read More

Best Practice: Tracking E-Marketing

One of the great promises of e-marketing is that it’s trackable. You’ve been told for years that e-marketing would lift the fog of accountability from your marketing mix and show you what worked, when it worked and even why. Well … Read More

Now’s Not The Time To Slow Down

According to a recent J.D. Power and Associates forecast, new-vehicle sales in 2008 are expected to reach their lowest levels since 1994, dropping to 14.95 million cars and light trucks. This obviously isn’t good news for our industry, and your … Read More

Integrated Paid Search Makes Dollars and Sense

from iMedia Connection March 31, 2008 by Lisa Wehr A Record Year for Paid Search Marketers In uncertain financial times, marketers return to the basics — accountability, flexibility and cost efficiency. These, more than any other online marketing strategies, typify … Read More