Ensure That Your Web Site Pulls in Buyers

From Digital Dealer Magazine May 2008 by : Peter Batten Your online store is just as important as your showroom, and the reason why is clear: 70 percent of new vehicle buyers use the Internet to vehicle shop, as do … Read More

What’s With the Yelling?

I’m not sure why it took so long for me to notice, but it finally occurred to me that the preponderance of dealership radio and television spots feature aggressive, excitable spokespeople ranting at 180 mph about the great deals available … Read More

7 Strategies for Marketing in a Downturn

Published: May 22, 2008, from iMedia Connection, by: Guy Maser The following tips will carry your company through the lean times and beyond. In a challenging economy, you must find new ways to make marketing work more effectively, get more out of … Read More

Watch for Personal Bias

As marketers, we’re constantly building, tweaking and adapting our marketing plans in an effort to maximize the return on our marketing investment. In doing so, we have to make judgments about which tactics will be most effective. And that’s where, … Read More

Geo-tracking: Opportunity Knocks

Published: May 19, 2008, iMedia Connection by: Craig Walmsley Location-based targeting is on the verge of exploding — find out what this technology will soon enable you to do. In 2005, Microsoft launched a Location Finder as part of its … Read More

Maximizing Pre-Owned Traffic From the Internet

By: Pat Ryan, Jr. From Digital Dealer Magazine February 2008 Every week seems to bring an interesting new study on how consumers are using the Internet in their car buying process. While all of these studies point to the importance … Read More

Yellow Pages and Search Engine Marketing

A couple of questions today. First, are you still running an ad in the yellow pages? Of course you are, right? And you’re also running an ongoing search engine marketing (SEM) program, right? No? Really? Here’s the thing. Google is … Read More

Making Your Vehicles Stand Out Online

by : Glen Garvin Digital Dealer Magazine, April 2008 Each month millions of potential car buyers go online to research and shop for used vehicles. In fact, studies show that in 2006, 59 percent of all pre-owned vehicle shoppers used … Read More

The Idea Is King

All of us, at one time or another, are charged with coming up with the next great idea for our company. It may be a marketing or advertising idea, a merchandising concept, promotion or even an accounting idea. They’re all … Read More

Dealing with the Big ‘R’ — Recession doesn’t have to be what it’s feared to be

by : Jim Richter From: Dealer Fixed Operations Magazine April 2008 A recession is kind of like the common cold; it’s a natural phenomenon, it happens every so often, it’s usually not life threatening, and if you’ve taken reasonable precautions … Read More