This Time, It Is Personal

When you send out direct marketing materials, be they postcards, letters or emails, how personal are they? You’ve certainly abandoned the “Hello Valued Customer” greeting for a first name… but is that where it stops? Are you using past purchase … Read More

Singles and Doubles

I consistently see marketers in all industries trying too hit marketing home runs. They’re swinging for the fences with every television campaign, direct mail piece and online promotion. And just as often, they’re putting all their financial energy into each … Read More

Key Innovations From the World of Auto Marketing

Published: May 30 2008 by iMediaConnection In a tight economy, it takes ingenuity to capture the attention of in-market shoppers. See what tools the automotive industry uses to generate consumer interest and increase conversions. As you would expect, today’s biggest … Read More

Is your Internet Business Prepared for a Recession?

Published May, 2008 by Digital Dealer Magazine You have heard a lot of rumors circulating about a recession in the United States. Whether it is true or not is a moot point. When I sat down to ponder this question … Read More

American Made?

In our increasingly flat world, where the international marketplace is the only marketplace, it’s becoming harder and harder to define exactly what “American Made” means. And nowhere is the issue more confusing than in the automotive business. Is a Ford … Read More

Experimenting with the Devil

It’s been said, “the devil is in the details.” Which means, of course, that the difference between success and failure is often something small and seemingly insignificant. This is absolutely true when considering the effectiveness of your dealership’s marketing. Try … Read More

Why now is the Time To Step Up Lead Efforts

Published: June 05, 2008, iMedia Connection With consumers tightening their purse strings, it’s more important than ever for marketers to reach out to potential customers with relevant offers they can’t refuse. Debate continues in the media as to the fate … Read More

What is the future of e-mail?

From eMarketer, May 27, 2008 An old digital format still has plenty of life left Compared with today’s virtual worlds, e-mail is solidly Web 1.0—an almost archaic communication channel.Yet e-mail works, and marketers and advertisers keep putting it to new … Read More

Weekly ISM Checklist

from, posted 6/3/08 Now for the weekly check list.  ISMs need to be completelting these items on a weekly basis and reporting to their management on their progress of each of these items.  Following this task list regularly will greatly increase your success:  Weekly … Read More

No More Excuses

There are no more late adopters   For years, we’ve heard the excuses. At first it was, “most of my audience would rather shop on the lot,” and then it was, “Some my audience still doesn’t have internet access,” a short … Read More