How will Flash alter the SEO landscape?

By Michael Estrin News of Adobe’s decision to work with Google and Yahoo to make Flash searchable spread like wildfire. But so far, agencies aren’t sure what this change really means. When John Romano, a senior web developer for marketing … Read More

No Indexing Guarantee From Google Flash Crawls

By David A. Utter Crawlers may miss things inside SWF Just because Google says they pry out the text content from Flash files and make them searchable may mean less than webmasters think. Flash represented a surefire way to keep … Read More

Focus on the customers, not the clicks

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10 SEO Myths Debunked

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5 tips for successful action-prompted emails

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The Newest Sales-Boosting Strategy

By David Wengel Making the sale hinges on the lead. On-demand lead scoring is a technique that clarifies who your best leads are and allows you to target them accordingly. How many sales versus marketing conflicts would vanish if marketing … Read More

The Internet Never Forgets

One of the oft overlooked aspects of our digital world is that is has a near-flawless memory. Unlike the paper, ink and magnetic tape of the old analog world, the ones and zeros of digital information never deteriorate. That, of … Read More

Stroke of Genius

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Hybrid Marketing?

With $4.00 gas putting a slow down on the automotive business, and the economy in general, auto manufacturers are clamoring to develop and build hybrids and other energy efficient vehicles. Amid all this, you’re still trying to run a dealership. … Read More

Your Virtual Lot Needs Attention Too!

by : Arnold Tijerina In this digital marketing age with more and more consumers choosing to utilize the Internet to assist in making their automobile purchasing decisions, it is increasingly important to monitor the activity within your Internet departments. Judging … Read More