The Worse SEO Mistake You Make

By Brandt Dainow Learn where most companies misstep when it comes to his crucial component of their online marketing strategies. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of tuning the content and coding of a website in order to … Read More

Better Place?

I’m going to take a break from my normal market-centric rants to call attention to this fascinating article about a new company called Better Place. The company’s basic premise… mash together automotive and cell phone business models to create the … Read More

Living Your Brand – It Starts With People

A few weeks ago, we discussed how your brand is more than the sum of your tagline, logo and name. Rather, it’s a promise that you deliver to individuals every time they interact with your company. And that promise begins … Read More

Dipping Your Toe Into The Social Media Pool

Social media…it is THE internet buzz phrase of the past year. MySpace, Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter, Flickr…they’re all changing the way people interact with the internet and each other. But entering this social space as a dealership can be a bit … Read More

Video Has Officially Arrived

Nothing has changed the way consumers use the Internet quite like video. and its brethren have fulfilled the true multi-media promise that was made back when we were all still on dial-up. We knew the day would come… and … Read More

A Brand Is A Promise

I’m often asked about “branding” in terms of a company’s name, logo or tagline. Although these three elements are important, they constitute a small fraction of your brand. Instead of thinking about your brand in terms of logos and taglines, … Read More

Web Marketing Grows, but How Much?

JULY 3, 2008 A Look Behind the Numbers “More than one-half of the average marketer’s budget is now spent online,” according to a press release from lead generation company Clash-Media. The firm conducted its “Online Lead Generation (B2C) Report 2008” … Read More

Where Is the Top of Google?

by Mitch Turck If I had a dime for every dealer who demanded to be at “the top” of Google…trouble is, most of them don’t know where the top actually is. Or, they know where the top is and (as … Read More

How to win the search position game

By Chris Lien  Sometimes being in the third or fourth paid search position is actually more effective — and a lot cheaper — than winning the top spot. Find out when it pays and when it doesn’t. When marketers buy … Read More

Auto Ad Spending Down, Except Digital

Double-digit Web ad growth Automotive advertising spending in the US dropped to $1.99 billion in Q1 2008, according to TNS Media Intelligence. That was down more than 14% compared with Q1 2007.Ad spending is “sinking as fast as new car … Read More