Start Taking Search Seriously

Paid search is a proven winner, yet some marketers don’t take advantage of its full potential. Here’s why you need to put SEM at the heart of your marketing strategy. Search engine marketing isn’t a perfect marketing medium. But compared … Read More

SEO vs SEM – Part One

September 13th, 2008 | by Paul Rushing Published in SEO Is search engine marketing (SEM or PPC) really a wise investment of marketing capitol? Is a dedicated search engine optimization (SEO) investment worth the money and effort? The obvious answer … Read More

Breaking Waves For Marketers To Catch

By Keith Boswell The Internet marketing landscape has grown rapidly over the past few years, spreading out over the Internet like warm saltwater in the sea. Initially focused on banner advertising and search engine submissions, the environment has grown considerably … Read More

Building Your Marketing Channels

by : Bruno Lucarelli Your dealership is still the hub of your sales universe, but you continually need more spokes in the wheel to survive. These “channels” will vary by geography, market size and brand. They do however, serve a … Read More

Don’t Blend

There’s a common type of feedback I get from clients when presenting new marketing and creative ideas. It goes something like this: “This doesn’t feel like a <insert client’s industry> ad. Let me show you what my competition is doing … Read More

There is Nothing Tricky About Permission

There’s an increasingly popular trend among advertisers that think they have to trick consumers into paying attention. They do it with too-good-to-be-true offers, flashy production and bait-and-switch techniques. Does it work? Yes, sometimes it certainly does. But it’s the most … Read More

Cloud Computing and Cars: A Web Services Primer

By Bridget Townsend Keeping up with shifting technology is an uphill battle when marketing in the automotive vertical. See how web services can help you focus on promotion, rather than your infrastructure. Web services are not a new invention, but … Read More