Marketing Trends Illustrate the Importance of Video

by Tim James If you still aren’t sold on the importance of video marketing, it only takes a brief glimpse into recent news to illustrate just how important video is in marketing. There are many news stories relating to acquisitions, … Read More

As Hispanics buy more cars, stores add videos in Spanish

Eighteen months ago, Coast Nissan in San Luis Obispo, Calif., introduced Spanish-language videos with each car posted online. General Manager Eric Ideman said it was a response to two trends: •  His customer base along the central coast is heavily Hispanic, … Read More

The Most Important Metric In Gauging Video ROI

by Tim James The question most pondered by businesses when advertising is perhaps the most important: “What is my ROI?” It doesn’t matter whether we’re discussing television ads, radio, 3rd party leads, that gorilla on top of your building, or … Read More

They Watched Your Video. Now What?

by Brian Cox There’s no doubt that video marketing is exploding in popularity with businesses and consumers. Both Facebook and Twitter are investing heavily in video and, in the case of Facebook, rewarding those who upload their video straight onto … Read More

Playing to Customer’s Emotions in Marketing Works

by Tim James I have long preached the fact that including video in your marketing is an effective way to get customers emotionally connected to a specific car on your lot. This visual connection to the senses serves to enhance … Read More