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Urbandale, IA–July 20th, 2016–Flick Fusion announced today that it has been selected by What’s Next Media, a leading video content provider for auto dealerships, as their preferred Video Marketing Provider. What’s Next Media will leverage Flick Fusion’s Smart Flicks marketing platform to host and distribute its customers’ videos, providing auto dealers with dynamic videos that offer targeted messaging, as well as automated syndication for increased visibility.

“Andrew and the team at What’s Next Media provide a service that is critical to a dealership’s video marketing success,” said Tim James, COO of Flick Fusion. “Their creation of high quality and engaging video content directly impacts the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) a dealership has. We are excited to host their video content.”

“As a video content provider, one of our biggest challenges is getting our video content in front of the right shoppers at the right time of the buying cycle,” said Andrew Myers, President of What’s Next Media. “Integrating our video content into Flick Fusion’s platform makes it extremely easy for us to get our videos where they need to be. This makes a dealer’s video marketing strategy extremely relevant and actionable, changing the paradigm from ‘I hope they watch this video,’ to ‘Based on past behavior, I know they’ll want to watch this video.'”

Hosting videos on Flick Fusion’s Smart Flicks platform automates the distribution of videos, increases the visibility of video content across the internet, provides advanced reporting for all videos from one location, applies a layer of emotional intelligence through the capture and utilization of the viewer data, and increases dealerships’ search engine optimization (SEO) rankings, versus hosting videos on YouTube or similar video sharing websites.

Smart Flicks is the industry’s most advanced video marketing platform, automating virtually every aspect of video marketing. Smart Flicks makes it easy and affordable for dealerships to engage with their customers with the right video content at the right time of the buying cycle.

“Being able to capture and leverage the video viewer’s data is critical if you want to reach today’s tech-savvy car shoppers,” said James. “Consumers are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day, so it really takes an emotionally engaging video with relevant, targeted messaging to cut through the clutter and get noticed.”

What’s Next Media produces a variety of high-quality video content for hundreds of dealers, including walk-arounds, branded model reviews, custom dealership videos, “Why Buy” videos and custom Service/Fixed Ops videos. For more information, visit

Live demos of dealership videos hosted on Flick Fusion’s Smart Flicks platform will be available for viewing at Booth #243 at the 21st Digital Dealer Convention & Expo, August 8-10 in Las Vegas, NV. Learn more at

About What’s Next Media

What’s Next Media makes message-based video programs exclusively for the auto industry, focusing on the combined effect of many shorter messages about dealerships. This unique combination of brand statements, department statements, testimonials, product presentations and more has proven to be an extremely powerful way for auto dealerships to engage customers!

About Flick Fusion

Flick Fusion offers a full-solution video hosting, marketing and distribution platform to automotive and other inventory-based industries. The platform delivers automated, integrated and rule/behavior-based, including geo-targeted, video content in real-time, across multiple touchpoints and throughout the entire purchase cycle.

Flick Fusion makes it easy for dealers to create desktop and mobile-friendly vehicle inventory videos, video email and customer engagement videos such as testimonials, service department overviews and more. Videos are proven to capture more buyers’ attention, advance organic SEO rankings, generate leads and increase conversion rates. The Flick Fusion system builds emotional value and customer loyalty for more than 3,500 dealerships and preferred partners.

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