Will You Be There Whenever Your Customers Need You?

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A Super Nifty Trick to Make Your Facebook Videos More Effective

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Flick Quick Tip – How To Implement A Successful Inventory Video Marketing Strategy

One Isn’t Always the Loneliest Number That You’ll Ever See

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Facebook Enhances Algorithm to Deliver More Video Content

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Flick Quick Tips – The Benefits of Live Video Walkarounds

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SWCG4bNyN8] Flick Fusion VP of Sales, Tim James, answers the often asked question of why dealers should be creating live video walkarounds for their inventory in this installment of Flick Quick Tips.

Why Real Video Engages Consumers

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Two Tips to Differentiate Your Dealership from 99 percent Of Competitors

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In Marketing, Consumers Want to Know What is In It For Me

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Live Video Walkarounds: Are they Worth the Effort?

by Tim James While most forms of digital marketing offer some value to dealers, the one constant has – and always will be – the better your inventory merchandising, the higher your sales. In the digital world, your merchandising takes … Read More