Human Voiceover Videos (HVO)

Speak volumes without saying a word.


Our Human Voiceover Videos (HVO) do the talking about your inventory for you. Drawing from over one thousand prerecorded human voice scripts, our videos include automatically generated narration for make, model, year, mileage, body styles, features-and a host of vehicle options.

Step 1:  Your dealership provides the vehicle data.
Step 2:  HVO delivers.

  • Superb audio scripting that’s assembled and streamed into a seamless and engaging description of each vehicle in your inventory
  • Superior quality videos generated automatically without requiring additional effort from you
  • Genuine, authentic-sounding human voice quality translated from text
  • Professional, articulate voiceover delivery by a lady or a gentleman-whichever you choose
To give HVO a look and a listen,  Click Here.