Kill two birds with one stone by extracting inventory photos from a video.


If you have the time to take photos of your vehicles for inventory listings, you have the time to shoot a video instead. Vid2Pic automatically extracts a series of photos that can be used for static inventory listings, while the video is used to create a stimulating presentation of the vehicle.

Shooting a video with a smartphone or camcorder is just as easy and fast as taking photos. Simply walk around the car with the camera rolling; no voice commentary needed! Use our Live Video Upload app to instantly upload the video. When it’s time to enter your inventory listing, just login to our platform and choose the photos you want to use.

Vid2Pic is part of our platform that automates the video production process to create eye-catching walk arounds, test drives, dealership overviews and more! The result is professional, live action videos that increase SEO and attract customers to your website. Vid2Pic:

  • Kills two birds with one stone; no need to take both photos and video
  • Offers an inexpensive method for fulfilling both inventory photo and video marketing requirements
  • Automates the live video walk around and inventory photo process
  • Improves video quality with our video stabilization and enhancement features
  • Saves valuable time; uploading one video is faster than uploading a dozen photos
These images were extracted from the Sample Video above. Click on each image to enlarge it.