How to Use Video to Drive Customers Down the Sales Funnel

How to Use Video to Drive Customers Down the Sales Funnel

Video content has long been the preferred choice for consumers. To such a degree that social media platforms have altered their algorithms. Due to the high rate of consumer consumption, video content is set to keep dominating as a top medium to use in marketing. If you’re not using video, you should make it a priority. If you are, you need to have a strategy.

  1. Determine the best metrics to use. Are you only looking for engagement? Do you simply want consumers to click and watch your video? Or do you want them to buy a car? (I’m fairly sure I know the answer here.) To sell them a car, you have to craft your video content in a way that not only gets them into the sales funnel but also keeps them there.
  2. Craft your video content with the intent that it will result in a sale and also have that customer coming back for service, and then again for another sale. The trick is to have the right videos for the right customers at the right time. Don’t misunderstand me. ANY video is better than no video. The point here is that by having a strategy, your video content will be more on-point and more powerful in helping you attain your goal.

The specific types of videos your dealership should create

  1. Engagement – These videos get a customer’s attention and put your dealership top-of-mind in the buying process.
  2. Conversion – These videos are designed to get customers from whatever advertising medium you are using and on to your website.
  3. Show – These videos showcase your inventory so customers can see the cars you have. Rather than having to cycle through numerous pictures, most customers prefer to watch a video about a specific vehicle – whether that video is a stitched video, a 360 video, or a live video walkaround. Rather than quickly bounce from your site, the prospective car buyer is more likely to watch the whole video.

When creating these videos keep in mind two key things that will improve consumer response – your videos should be either educational or entertaining. This creates more of an emotional response and consumers can digest this type of content in less time and retain more of the information. 

Using video to get consumers into the sales funnel

The primary reason to use video is to get the consumer into your sales funnel and keep them there until they buy a car from you. Once you get them into the sales funnel, the goal is to create an emotional attachment to the dealership, then the salesperson, then the car. That’s how the retail (in-person) process has always happened.

When a customer walks onto your lot, your salesperson comes out to greet them. The dealership somehow got them to come to the lot. Now the salesperson must sell the dealership (Why Buy from Us,) then themselves (Why Buy from Me,) then the car they landed on (Is this the right vehicle for me?)

The same should apply to your website. Your website is simply your dealership and your inventory but in a digital form! Be sure to have the same processes in place for the customer’s digital journey as those we have used for years for the customer that arrives in person. Why? Because it works!

Consumers conduct online research to determine which vehicle make and model best suits their needs. Create videos that answer the questions the consumer is looking for. The type of video that will take a top-funnel consumer down further into your sales funnel. Include model-specific information. The car is the star in these videos. You can either shoot them yourself with a digital camera or hire a lot service company to do it for you. Some vendors also offer walkaround videos and full virtual reality test drives.

Use your videos to provide the information your customers are looking for. This helps ensure they continue down your sales funnel (sometimes even skipping decision-making moments) to look for information on available inventory, rebates, and incentives, land on a vehicle and end up driving it off your lot.

Inventory levels may be low now but that will change. The time to prepare for that moment is now.

(Originally published in the November/December issue of Dealer magazine)

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