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FlickFusion Releases Chrome Extension, Making it Easy
for Dealers to Send Links to Video Landing Pages

Urbandale, IA—March 10, 2021 – FlickFusion has released a Chrome extension for Google Chrome that provides a place for dealers to store and access links to video landing pages. The Chrome extension makes it easy for dealers to send customers links to video landing pages, simply by copying and pasting the URL or HTML links into emails, chat boxes, or text messages.

“The process of sending a video or link to a video landing page through a CRM can be cumbersome and involve several steps, depending on the CRM,” said Tim James, COO of FlickFusion. “Our Chrome extension allows anyone in the dealership to instantly access their library of videos that may feature personalized lead follow-up videos, inventory videos, value proposition videos, model review videos, monthly promotional videos, testimonials, and other types of videos.”

Once the Chrome extension is downloaded and installed, all a user has to do is sign in with their dealership’s FlickFusion credentials. Clicking on the extension opens up a library of each user’s stored videos. The extension is designed so that salespeople, service employees, and BDC staff can easily search for, find and clip a descriptive video thumbnail to their video, which will display on their designated video landing page when engaged.

Sharing videos with customers during the sales and service process is an effective way to increase lead engagement and response rates, but not all CRMs make the process easy. Often, videos are made for different purposes and hosted in different places. This makes it time-consuming for the staff to search for the right video and provides an inconsistent experience for both the salesperson and the consumer based on the device (mobile or desktop) and delivery method (email or text). Some CRMs even require the use of YouTube URL links, which not only makes it impossible to send video landing pages to customers but delivers the consumer to YouTube where they may find similar video content from the dealership’s competitors.

The value of utilizing video landing pages is that this allows dealerships to feature several videos on the same page, along with their dealership branding, calls to action, and a lead form. Landing pages encourage prospects to view more videos without having to search for them. This allows the salesperson to include personal introduction videos, value proposition, and even testimonial videos all in the same presentation. This builds significantly more trust higher in the buying cycle, and increases lead conversion rates.

“Videos are a powerful engagement tool but they are underutilized in customer communications, simply because it’s too difficult and time-consuming to send a video,” said James. “This Chrome extension allows users to instantly find and drop any video thumbnail into a chat conversation, text message, or email.”

To learn more, contact or call 515-333-4337.

About FlickFusion

FlickFusion offers a full-solution video hosting, marketing, and distribution platform to automotive and other inventory-based industries. The platform delivers automated, integrated, and rule/behavior-based, including geo-targeted, video content in real-time, across multiple touchpoints, and throughout the entire purchase cycle.

FlickFusion makes it easy for dealers to create desktop and mobile-friendly vehicle inventory videos, video email, and customer engagement videos such as testimonials, service department overviews, and more. Videos are proven to capture more buyers’ attention, advance organic SEO rankings, generate leads, and increase conversion rates. The FlickFusion system builds emotional value and customer loyalty for more than 3,500 brands and preferred partners.

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