Automotive 360 Spin Presentations

Automotive 360 Spin presentations are a great way for your car dealership to increase overall engagement and conversion from your vehicle detail pages. FlickFusion’s automotive 360 spin technology not only makes it easy for your dealership to add an interactive 360 vehicle presentation, but we can simultaneously provide you with greater insight into each shopper’s overall shopping behaviors . We can  then pass that information back to your CRM for real-time account updates and activity notifications.

VidCom can also display your Automotive 360 Spin in a multi-media player that simultaneously offers your shoppers a vehicle video (with automated audio), interior 360 video or panoramic view, and even a complete Virtual Realty experience if you are shooting actual 360 videos.

There is no better way to get your shoppers engaged and interacting with your inventory than with FlickFusion’s Automotive 360 Spins. Click below to get a demo today!