The Most Powerful End-To-End Video Marketing Platform In The Automotive Industry

Give Your Shoppers An Amazing Video Experience Build Emotion At Every Stage Of Your Sales Cycle







No one wants to read a bunch of words. So here’s a nifty video for you covering our platform:

The Benefits of Video are Countless

    … but here are a few:


more likely to visit a dealership after a shopper watches a video – Google


of car shoppers say they used video as a research tool when looking for a car – Google


of car shoppers watch videos online, with half relying on content to research vehicles – Google

Transform your SRPs and VDPs into an emotion building machine.

Build more emotion, sell more cars. It’s really that simple. And at FlickFusion, we make it even more simple: start utilizing VIN-specific automotive inventory videos and automotive 360 spins right from the palm of your hand. Utilizing your smartphone, just take a walk around a vehicle and have multiple forms of interactive, emotional content on your site in a matter of minutes.

Utilize virtual test-drives to put your sales staff where they shine the brightest: face to face.

Nothing sells like a “test-drive”. Integrated live video calling and video chat provides dealers with the most powerful medium to engage customers with sales and service departments. Utilizing WebRTC Technology, customers simply, “click a button” to video call/chat. No special downloads or apps required! By clicking the ‘call’ button on the dealer’s site, they’re instantly connected to their team via a Round Robin Video Call System.

Who Can Benefit From Automotive Inventory Videos and 360 Spins?

Automotive Dealerships

We provide dealership inventory videos, 360 spins, and automotive live video communication to dealerships across the country. Improve your sales today with the power of video.

Automotive Website Providers

We are integrated with many of  the automotive industry’s most popular website providers, ensuring that your videos will quickly and easily get posted on your website.

Automotive Lot Service Providers

Whether it is adding 360 spins, inventory videos, or just improving your overall merchandising offering, we make the transition easy and cost effective.

Automotive CRM Companies

With our turnkey, fully customizable platform, you can leverage all of a store’s sales & marketing initiatives to make it easy to get the right message in front of the right shopper, at the right time of the buying cycle.

Dealership Groups

Our easy to implement video marketing platform gives you all of the power without any of the headache. Have all of your stores in one easy to manage digital software, and see your KPIs skyrocket.

Automotive Shopping Portals

Our integration with both Cars.com and Autotrader allows you to utilize your videos on any, and all, of your touch points.

Custom Video Strategies

If you can imagine it, we can build it. We can quickly develop a platform to fit whatever you have, and to your exact requirements.

Automotive Video, Integrated in the Industry