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Who Can Benefit From Nucleus?

Automotive Dealerships

We power every stage of the marketing funnel for over 7,000 dealerships nationwide, providing them with easy to use tools to improve every aspect of their digital marketing… and increasing KPIs and sales in the process.

Automotive Website Providers

We are integrated with many of  the automotive industry’s most popular website providers, ensuring that your videos will quickly and easily get posted on your website.

Lot Service Providers

Whether it is adding 360 spins, inventory videos, or just improving your overall merchandising offering, we make the transition easy and cost effective.

CRM Companies

With our turnkey, fully customizable platform, you can leverage all of a store’s sales & marketing initiatives to make it easy to get the right message in front of the right shopper, at the right time of the buying cycle.

Dealer Groups

Our easy to implement video marketing platform gives you all of the power without any of the headache. Have all of your stores in one easy to manage digital software, and see your KPIs skyrocket.

Shopping Portals

Our integration with both Cars.com and Autotrader allows you to utilize your videos on any, and all, of your touch points.

Custom Video Strategies

If you can imagine it, we can build it. We can quickly develop a platform to fit whatever you have, and to your exact requirements.

Fully Integrated Within
The Automotive Industry

With the Nucleus platform, FlickFusion works with leaders in the automotive industry, from CRM Companies to Automotive Dealerships and everything in between, to create, syndicate, track, and integrate automotive’s best online video experience… All from the palm of your hand.   

Provide The Ultimate Video Experience

Integrated In Automotive