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How Important is an Inventory Video Background?

Would you let the cars on your lot be disorganized, not parked evenly, or have anything less than a perfect presentation? Probably not. So why would you not have that same attention to detail on your website? The demand for custom backgrounds in vehicle inventory photos and videos is growing. As more and more dealers are beginning to realize that online merchandising is just as important, if not more important, as their on-the-lot merchandising when it comes to building trust and driving emotion with shoppers, many are seeking to bring consistency and a professional appearance to their website Vehicle Detail

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Why Management Buy-In is Essential for Video

I talk to dealers daily about how they use video to market and merchandise their dealership’s vehicles. Over the years, I have developed a good idea of what is required to make a video strategy successful. When all other things are equal, the dealership that has management buy-in gets better results from their video marketing and merchandising efforts. This is not really surprising. How many times have you heard the same thing about any new technology or software in use at a dealership? Yet, video marketing often gets overlooked; perhaps because it’s considered to under the purview of marketing. The

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How Video Creates an Emotional Connection

Demand Drying Up? How to Create Emotional Urgency with Videos

In the last few years, there has been a lot of talk about the supply and demand of vehicle inventory. During the pandemic, the supply of vehicles dropped, creating competition among car buyers. However, what sometimes gets overlooked is that the demand hasn’t been all that high in the last few years. It seemed high because more people were competing for the same vehicle. But overall, consumers are hanging onto their vehicles longer than they ever have. According to research firm iSeeCars.com, the average length of car ownership is currently 8.4 years. Now that vehicle supply is returning, dealers will

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5 Videos Every Auto Salesperson Needs to Make

In today’s digital age, videos have become an indispensable tool for salespeople to connect with prospects and enhance their sales efforts. From personalized introductions to engaging demonstrations, leveraging the right types of videos can significantly boost sales success. Here are five essential videos that every auto salesperson needs to make: 1. Introduction Videos: Start your sales journey by creating compelling introduction videos. Introduce yourself, your role, and your dealership in a friendly and approachable manner. Use this opportunity to establish a personal connection with your prospects and convey your passion for helping them find the perfect vehicle. These videos can

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How to Use Videos for Sales Prospecting

Finding new leads and prospects can be challenging, especially when consumers may have budget restraints and are difficult to reach. However, harnessing the power of video can help salespeople enhance their prospecting efforts. Videos not only improve email open rates and replies, but they enable salespeople to personalize interactions with prospects. Here are several strategies to help salespeople attract the attention of in-market car buyers. Create an outreach video One effective way to kick-start a sales prospecting strategy is to create an outreach video. Post these videos on your personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked

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How the “72-Hour” Rule Could Increase Video Marketing Buy-In at Your Dealership

It’s a tried-and-true proposition that most dealerships’ salespeople are incentivized to follow up with customers in their CRM through the “72-Hour” rule. The rule means that if a salesperson has followed up with a customer – and it is logged into the CRM – they are protected for at least half the sale, regardless of if they were off or, perhaps, in the middle of selling another vehicle. Most salespeople know this rule and will continue to ensure that they, at the very least, keep themselves “protected” by having some sort of action notated in the CRM. That could be

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