Fully Integrated Within The Automotive Industry Since 2007

Since 2007, we’ve partnered with automotive’s elite dealer solution providers to equip them with tailored video marketing & communications solutions. Because of our experience and integration within the industry, we are able to provide a better product that communicates across multiple platforms.

Through our partnerships, automotive retailers are capitalizing on our fully integrated platform to market to, communicate with, and monitor the online behavior of prospective and current customers. This has resulted in enhanced engagement, increased conversions, more incremental sales and higher CSI scores.


Our mission is develop and equip the automotive industry with fully integrated video marketing and communications solutions to deliver a personalized and engaging online shopping experience for every automotive consumer, resulting in stronger consumer confidence and more vehicles delivered. With the adoption of our solutions, the industry will benefit by delivering an exceptionally personalized and engaging online automotive shopping experience for consumers, thereby resulting in more vehicles sold and delivered

What We Do

Fusing unparalleled innovative technologies and automotive expertise, we’ve built automotive’s exclusive, customizable turnkey video marketing and communications solution, Nucleus.


Harnessing the power of quality video content, innovative technology & automation, artificial intelligence and big data, there is no comparable platform on the market to streamline and scale video creation, customization, automation, syndication and communication!

How We Partner

We partner with value-added resellers (VARs)

within various automotive solution niches to equip them with a single solution to provide comprehensive, customizable and competitive video marketing communications solutions to their automotive retailer clientele.


Our integrated solutions are well-suited, adaptive,

streamlined, efficient and effective for inventory providers, lot service providers, website providers, CRM providers, marketing firms, content providers, dealer groups and more! The platform’s integral ability to be customized or turnkey, provides our partners the speed, stability and flexibility they need to remain competitive and valuable in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Take Nucleus
For A Test Drive


Nucleus is unique in that it is the automotive industry’s only all-in-one video marketing platform. Being fully integrated within itself and the industry means that its the only tool that you will need to bolster your video marketing strategy, from merchandising to communication, and it will fit in with any tools you are currently using.

Once you are on the Nucleus platform, you will get quality training to ensure that you fully understand all of the tools that you will be using. But don’t worry, the support doesn’t stop there: our amazing support team will be standing by in your corner to assist with any future questions or issues that you may have, in a timely manner.

We understand that as a busy dealership or reseller, your time is very valuable. For this reason, we ensure that our support team is able to assist with issues or listen to feedback as quickly as possible. We value our relationship with you, and hope to resolve any issues or suggestions that you may have as quickly as possible.

For our partners and dealership customers, we provide regular newsletter updates to fill you in on what is new with the platform as well as best practices on how to utilize Nucleus in your strategy. As a partner, you have the ability to white label Nucleus for your own dealership customers. Every partnership is unique, so if you have any additional needs, our sales and support team will do everything we can to make Nucleus work for you — just get in touch!

While packages are available, items can be removed or simply added a la carte. This way, you are never forced to purchase a tool that you won’t use, only the tools that you need most without the fluff!

Flick Fusion has been in the automotive industry for over 10 years, with over 7,000 active dealerships utilizing our products nationwide.