Nucleus is the automotive industry’s only fully integrated video marketing platform. With tools that work together and communicate with eachother, Nucleus makes it easier than ever to create video, distribute video to your touchpoints, and communicate with your customers. Our turn-key, fully customizable platform can be seamlessly inserted into your marketing strategy, with no change in process or extra work for you. Drive more sales, without the extra work. Find out how you can build your Nucleus today!

Automotive Video Merchandising Tools

Automotive Inventory Videos

Display your inventory in the most emotionally engaging way possible with inventory videos. With live video or automated stitched video options, getting VIN-specific automotive inventory videos on your site has never been easier.

Automotive 360 Spins

Bring your inventory to life with VIN-specific automotive interactive 360 spins, the ultimate digital car viewing experience. Our 360 tool can either be “live”, or automatically generated utilizing just photos from your inventory feed.

utilize automated video and turn your photos into marketing videos


Get quality videos and 360s without any of the extra work. Using just your inventory photos, Nucleus’s A.I. creates a great automotive video experience with no change in your process. Easy, quick, and 100% automated.

The Ultimate Online Automotive Experience

Nucleus includes automated and/or custom inventory video content for every phase of the buying cycle. Automated inventory videos and 360 spins, VIN-specific automotive inventory videos, 360 spins, and more! Combined with the most advanced Inventory Merchandising and Lead Follow-Up features available in the automotive industry, Nucleus merchandising tools will drive more sales and higher profits.

Automotive Video Communication Tools

Video Texting & Email

Easily send video texts and emails to make more of an impact with your dealership’s follow up process. Additionally, get live reporting whenever your customer views a message; ensuring your can get the right video, in front of the right customer, at the right time.


Humanize your dealership and put your sales team where they shine best: face to face with the customer. No customer side downloads required, they simply click a link and are automatically chatting with you via video.

Bridge the Gap Between You and Your Shoppers. It's As Simple As...

Dealership live video calling

Integrated live video calling and video chat provides dealers with the most powerful medium to engage customers with sales and service departments. Utilizing WebRTC Technology, customers simply, “click a button” to video call/chat. No special downloads or apps required! By clicking the ‘call’ button on the dealer’s site, they’re instantly connected to their team via a Round Robin Video Call System. 

Automotive Video Marketing Tools

New Model Test Drives

Utilize our new model test drive videos to give your shoppers a test drive from the comfort of their homes.

Testimonial Reviews

Sell your dealership to your shoppers! Show what makes you unique and great to work with.

Dynamic Marketing Videos

Save time and money creating automotive marketing videos that promote manufacturer incentives and create urgency for your shoppers.

Video Marketing Built for Automotive

Use your videos across multiple touch-points and multiple digital marketing strategies. Use your videos in Facebook Campaigns, Google Ad Campaigns, Retargeting Campaigns, Video Texts/Emails, even on your VDP Pages…all at no additional charge! Our goal is to help you re-purpose your video content and create as many Video Points of Presence as possible.

Free e-book

Video has ingrained itself in every stage of society, including every stage of the sales funnel. In this e-book, understand why video is so impactful to the human brain, just how often your shoppers watch video, and how your dealership can capitalize on the world’s preferred content type.

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