The Answers to Your Questions

What Makes Nucleus Unique?

Nucleus is the most powerful platform in the automotive industry, and has been built to be fully integrated with anything a dealer may use. Designed to improve your dealership’s video marketing strategy, it is intended to be the only video tool you need to create a great video experience, including: automated stitched videos, live video walkarounds, interactive 360 spins, live video communication, video texting and email, testimonial videos, and so much more.

We value our dealer customers and resellers, and we have a support team that backs it up. We understand the importance of your business and aim to provide the best customer experience that we can.

Nucleus is integrated with the automotive industry. From your website or data provider, to your CRM, it has been designed to fit into your current process and tools seamlessly.

To start creating amazing videos and communicating with your customers with video, all you need is a smartphone and the apps that we provide! It is as simple as walking around a car, or sending a video chat link, and then we take care of all of the rest.

Why Work With Us?

Yes! Nucleus is available on any device you might be using, and is regularly updated to ensure compatibility with new operating system software.

Yes! You can update your products at any time if you find a new of ours that will work better for you, or if a tool you are currently using is one that you no longer need.

Other Common Questions

Yes, Nucleus can integrate with your CRM. If your CRM is one that we have not yet integrated with, additional setup may be required.

Yes, once a video is shot and uploaded, you can send it to as many customers as you like — and you will get a separate notification when each views it.

Yes, videos shot with Nucleus can be uploaded to any social platform that you are utilizing. Additionally, inventory videos can be present on your dealership’s Facebook page or YouTube account.

You will get a notification every time a customer opens your video email/text, so you know exactly when they are in the buying cycle.

Yes, you can make a video with no internet! However, you will need an internet connection to upload it into our system.

Once you have decided that you would like to be on the Nucleus platform, you can get started and have videos created and on your site/sent to your customer in less than a day!

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