5 Benefits Video Marketing Brings to Your Dealership

5 Benefits Video Marketing Brings to Your Dealership

Video has become an essential part of marketing efforts for businesses across various industries. For a dealership to sell cars, strategically using video can increase sales and enhance the dealership’s brand. 5 simple ways video can benefit your dealership are as follows:

1.  Video engages consumers: Video is an excellent medium for engaging consumers by providing an immersive experience, capturing the potential car buyer’s attention, and keeping them engaged for longer periods. A video that showcases a vehicle’s features and benefits can be more effective than text or images alone. By providing a visual and auditory experience, video can communicate the unique selling points of a vehicle more effectively than any other form of communication. As a result, consumers are more likely to remember the features and benefits of a vehicle and consider it when making a purchase decision.

2.  Video helps to land consumers on a specific vehicle: Video marketing can be an effective way to attract consumers to a specific vehicle your dealership has in stock. By creating a video that showcases the vehicle, you can generate interest and excitement around it. This can help attract consumers who may not have considered it before and increase the likelihood of purchase. For example, a video that highlights a car’s advanced safety features or fuel efficiency can attract consumers who prioritize those features in their purchase decision. While one that emphasizes performance or utility features can do the same. Every buyer has different “hot buttons.” Most will provide a clue in their initial inquiry. Then you can tailor your video to their specific needs or wants.

3. Video enhances the dealership’s brand: Video can also be a powerful tool to enhance your brand. By creating high-quality videos that showcase your dealership’s values, commitment to customer service, and unique selling proposition, you can build trust and credibility with consumers before they ever set foot on the physical lot. A video can also help differentiate your dealership from competitors by highlighting its unique strengths and what it has to offer over and above the competition. This then helps the customer decide why they should buy from you compared to any competitors.

4.  Video increases the dealership’s website SEO organic ranking: Video can also help increase your dealership’s SEO organic ranking. Google and other search engines favor websites that produce video content. Incorporating video into your website can help improve SEO and increase its visibility in search engine results pages. This, in turn, can help attract more organic traffic to the website and increase the likelihood of generating leads and sales without the additional expense of PPC ad spend.

5.  Video begins the mental ownership process online: Besides landing a customer on a specific vehicle, video can further create emotional attachment and a sense of mental ownership. By showcasing the unique features and benefits of a vehicle and highlighting how it can enhance a consumer’s lifestyle, a video can evoke an emotional response to the point where a viewer can envision the car in their driveway, driving it to work, road trips, etc. This emotional attachment can be a powerful motivator for consumers when making a purchase decision. For example, a video that showcases a car’s ability to create memorable experiences with family and friends can tap into the viewer’s emotional desires and make them more likely to consider that vehicle when making a purchase decision.

If you are not doing so already, be sure to integrate video into your marketing strategy.

(Originally published in the May/June issue of Dealer magazine)

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