5 Video Trends for 2024

5 Video Trends for 2024

As we look ahead to 2024, there are some exciting trends and technologies designed to help auto dealerships better market their vehicles to prospects and connect with their intended audience. Let’s take a closer look at five video trends that will be driving this transformation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Videos

In retail automotive AI is a game-changer, and its power becomes apparent when used in the video production process. Video marketing platforms that leverage AI can instantly create hundreds of manufacturer incentive videos, interactive videos, and personalized trade-in offer videos for customers with desirable vehicles.

Beyond that, AI can be used to enhance and improve inventory image quality and ensure compliance with manufacturer specifications. The implications are vast, with AI allowing for a dynamic and highly cost-effective video creation process.

Short-Form Videos

Short-form videos have not just captured attention; they’ve become a phenomenon. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube have fueled the popularity of brief, captivating videos shot in portrait mode. According to HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy and Trends Report, an incredible 90 percent of marketers use short-form videos in their video marketing strategy.

Auto dealers can leverage this popularity by turning existing inventory videos into short-form videos for posting on social media. This video format is ideal for dealers who are trying to boost their video presence on these various platforms.

Live Video Calls

Live video calls are a powerful tool for dealerships, especially when car shoppers can instantly connect with dealership staff through website tools that facilitate live video calls. This form of video engagement can be used for live inventory walkarounds and for answering sales, service and finance queries.

The appeal of live video calls lies in their immediacy and authenticity. Consumers appreciate the opportunity to have real-time interactions that foster trust and transparency. Whether it’s virtually exploring a vehicle or clarifying doubts, live video calls humanize the digital experience, providing a personalized touch that resonates with modern consumers.

Search-Optimized Videos

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been important for a long time, videos optimized for search are becoming an even more powerful way to enhance search engine rankings.

According to Forrester, website pages with videos are 53 times more likely to secure first-page search rankings compared to website pages with text only. And Google now places video snippets next to 26 percent of search results, demonstrating the growing significance of videos.

For dealers, it’s imperative to work with your website provider to optimize design for the inclusion of videos on virtually every website page, and not just on vehicle details pages (VDPs).

Creating a library of videos such as value proposition videos, customer testimonial videos, staff introduction videos, and marketing videos, is the first step. Your website provider should be able to provide backend optimization, including title tags, keyword-rich descriptions, and thoughtful thumbnail images.

Soundless Videos

According to Finder.com, 57 percent of American workers admit to shopping online during work hours. This means that car shoppers who are researching and browsing vehicle options are likely to watch your videos with the sound turned off.

To cater to this silent scroll culture, inventory videos and other video content should be optimized to be soundless. Make sure that videos have subtitles and include on-screen information, making your video content accessible and engaging even without sound.

From the instant allure of short-form videos to the transformative power of AI generated videos, dealerships have a myriad of tools to captivate audiences and stand out from competition. Staying abreast of videos trends is not just an option; it’s a strategic imperative for brands aiming to leave a lasting impact in 2024.

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