Drive More Sales with AI-Generated Multimedia

Drive More Sales with AI-Generated Multimedia

When it comes to marketing vehicles, auto dealerships are increasingly recognizing the power of using multiple types of media, such as photos and several different video formats. This multi-faceted approach benefits dealers in several ways, including the following.

Enhanced presentation. Car shoppers want to view vehicles from multiple angles and perspectives. Offering photos and videos of a vehicle provides potential buyers with a better understanding of the vehicle’s features, condition, and overall appeal.

Expanded reach. Different customers interact with media in different ways. Some people prefer watching videos, while others enjoy scrolling through photos or reading detailed descriptions. By providing a variety of media options, dealerships can cater to a broader audience with varying preferences and engagement styles.

Better online visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a critical role in driving online visibility and attracting potential customers. Search engines like Google favor websites with diverse and high-quality media content. Incorporating various media types, such as photos and videos, can significantly enhance a dealership’s online presence.

Having multimedia-rich content not only improves search engine rankings but also increases the chances of appearing in image and video search results. This heightened visibility can lead to more website traffic, which, in turn, can convert into leads and sales. To stay competitive, dealerships must harness the power of multimedia for SEO purposes.

Social Media Impact. Different social media platforms favor distinct media types. For instance, Instagram and Facebook thrive on captivating photos and short videos, while YouTube caters to longer, informative videos.

Dealerships can leverage this knowledge to expand their social media reach effectively. This strategic use of multimedia enhances brand visibility, fosters community engagement, and drives traffic to dealership websites.

AI: The Catalyst for a Multimedia Strategy

To implement a multifaceted media strategy, auto dealers can now turn to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video marketing platforms.

The process begins with a simple step—taking photos of the vehicle. Dealership employees or vendors capture a series of images that ensure comprehensive coverage of both the interior and exterior of a vehicle from various angles. AI can also do image enhancement, such as cropping, changing the background, and fixing small imperfections such as sun glares, making image quality more consistent.

Once these photos are uploaded to the AI-driven platform, the magic happens. The system instantly transforms these static images into dynamic multimedia content, catering to different marketing needs.

Vehicle Inventory Videos. AI will sort through the photos and place them in the most logical sequence to create an engaging vehicle inventory video. These videos are created using the image-enhanced photos for better video quality.

Dealers can also customize the direction in which the vehicle faces for their website’s Vehicle Detail Pages (VDPs) or Search Results Pages (SRPs), offering a consistent user experience.

360-Spin Videos. Interactive videos are very popular among consumers. Using AI greatly simplifies the process of creating these immersive experiences. AI will automatically identify and tag appropriate vehicle features and turn them into “hot spots” within the video. When customers click on these hot spots, informative pop-ups appear, enhancing engagement.

Manufacturer Incentive Videos. Auto manufacturers announce incentives every month, which dealerships need to promptly start promoting. However, it can take days if not weeks for agencies to produce these videos for dealerships. Once a video is produced, it has to be submitted for review and approval, and it may take days more to correct issues.

An AI-driven platform can produce numerous customized incentive videos within seconds. All dealers need to do is input the incentive data and select customization options, such as background and logo. AI can be trained how to instantly produce fully compliant, commercial-quality videos, greatly speeding up the marketing deployment process.

Embracing AI-driven multimedia creation is a game-changer for dealerships. Dealers get four times the content from one single process. AI also reduces costs, enhances image and video quality, and improves the overall user experience.

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