Dynamic Marketing Video Platform

Social Media Marketing Videos

Automatically create and distribute social videos utilizing your existing video content. No extra work, only more sales.

Advertising your inventory videos on social media has many data-backed benefits:

  • A large, age-diverse audience
  • Easy and affordable with great ROI
  • Versatile ad formats promote engagement with your content
  • Increased brand exposure
  • Engaged viewers
  • Staying ahead of competition
  • More leads
  • More appointments
  • More sales

Auto manufacturers frequently announce new incentives such as 0% interest, cash back or lease specials. One of auto dealers’ most-used and desired types of content are marketing videos to promote these incentives.

Marketing videos create a sense of urgency for car shoppers and can be used in Facebook campaigns, email campaigns, YouTube pre-rolls ads, Google ads, remarketing, retargeting and on website VDPs.

Flick Fusion’s Dynamic Marketing Videos (DMVs) for auto dealers save time and money associated with creating marketing videos that promote manufacturer incentives.

If your ad agency has 100 dealership clients, videos can instantly be customized with each dealership’s logo and contact information.

Just choose an option to create multiple branded videos and within five minutes, you’ll have 100 videos customized for each dealership brand.

There has never been an easier or more cost-efficient way to create Dynamic Marketing Videos…that CONVERT!