Introducing the MAX Allowance® Revolutionary Trade-In System, Powered by FlickFusion

Urbandale, Iowa—September 18, 2023—FlickFusion, the leading automotive video marketing provider, announced today that it has partnered with MAX Allowance®, a dealership and consumer-direct vehicle exchange facilitator in the automotive space.  FlickFusion’s video display and customer connection solutions will help power MAX Allowance®’s “Trade-In or Sell For Cash” System built to replace outmoded Instant Cash Offers with Considerate Cash Offers™ through MAX Allowance®. This partnership ushers in a unique Go live from your driveway™  live video & 360 spin trade-in solution that marks a new era in the seller to buyer automotive, RV, Powersports, marine and heavy equipment dealer industries. Retail dealers and consumers are already benefiting from the system’s unparalleled Considerate Cash Offers™ for both trade-ins and cash sales.

Whether co-branded under MAX Allowance® or white labeled, the patent pending Max Allowance technology and calculator experience bridges the gap between customers and dealers or car buying companies. MAX Allowance® empowers consumers to shoot and share a full vehicle video, 360 spin, and hi-resolution photo gallery shared with dealers or car buying companies from anywhere the vehicle is parked, and then live stream via Dealer Help Live™. There is no App to download and consumers can simply click to connect. Expert live video consultations and visual condition confirmations are available during dealer hours. For times when the “Live Lot” isn’t active, sellers or trade-in prospects can conveniently schedule a live video call. From cold starts to comprehensive interior, exterior and safety equipment condition analysis, dealers and car buying companies can finally make Considerate Cash Offers™ based on customers live-streaming a vehicle walkaround video using their smartphones from inside their personalized Vehicle Story Vault™.

“The phrase ‘Transparency Is a Two-Way Street™’ was pioneered by MAX Allowance® and represents the transparency that live streaming, video and 360 spins with hotspots can bring to a dealership or car buying company’s vehicle acquisition program,” said Tim James, COO of FlickFusion. “We are thrilled that the Trade-In System developed by MAX Allowance® is leveraging our video, 360 spin, and live stream technologies to solidify transparency and close the gap between cash sellers, trade-in prospects, dealers and car buying companies.”

Furthermore, dealers can harness FlickFusion’s integrated video platform in MAX Allowance to send a “Text a Live to Their Drive™” Trade Review Request. Michael Frazer, Founder of MAX Allowance, elaborates: “This allows private sellers or trade-in prospects to promptly start a live demo of their vehicle, right from their driveway or workplace, to be inspected by dealership personnel just like it would if they had driven it to the dealership.”

With the MAX Allowance Video, 360 Spin, Live Stream, and Vehicle Photos Builder, private sellers can create a professional showcase of their vehicle. The “Transparency Is A Two-Way Street” presentation gallery showcases the seller’s vehicle in high-resolution photos, interactive 360 spin videos, live streaming, and stitched-photo videos. Frazer says, “The platform emphasizes transparency, ensuring that sellers receive the most Considerate Cash Offers™ possible for their vehicle(s), while giving dealerships and car buying companies the same confidence in their ‘offers at a distance’ they have when inspecting the vehicle in person.

The partnership also introduces the dealers and car buying companies to Seller-Provided Vehicle Condition Ratings & Driveway Disclosure Details. Sellers can rate their vehicle on various attributes, from interior to performance, on a 1 to 5 scale. This robust system instills confidence in dealers and car buying companies to make cash offers, even if they haven’t seen or test-driven the vehicle in person. “This means that the initial offer should closely align with the final check or trade-in amount when the customer and buyer finally meet. Moreover, this approach and technology stack can foster trade deals between private sellers and dealers located states apart,” adds James.

In a rapidly evolving automotive landscape, this strategic alliance between FlickFusion and MAX Allowance® is poised to redefine the industry norms, ensuring greater transparency, convenience, and trust for all parties involved.

For press inquiries, please contact Travis James with FlickFusion at travis.james@flickfusion.com or 515-333-4337.

For more information about FlickFusion visit https://flickfusion.com. For more information about Max Allowance visit https://www.maxallowance.com.

About FlickFusion

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