How to Use Videos for Sales Prospecting

How to Use Videos for Sales Prospecting

Finding new leads and prospects can be challenging, especially when consumers may have budget restraints and are difficult to reach. However, harnessing the power of video can help salespeople enhance their prospecting efforts.

Videos not only improve email open rates and replies, but they enable salespeople to personalize interactions with prospects. Here are several strategies to help salespeople attract the attention of in-market car buyers.

Create an outreach video

One effective way to kick-start a sales prospecting strategy is to create an outreach video. Post these videos on your personal social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In.

Choose a quiet location with good lighting, and keep videos short. Enthusiasm is key to engaging your audience, so record videos during times when you feel most energetic. Briefly introduce yourself and state the dealership you work for. Summarize a few obstacles that car buyers are facing right now, and most important, how you can help them.

Share news and exciting content

Sharing relevant news that is related to your dealership or the auto industry as a whole, is an effective way to capture attention. Got a hot, new model in stock? Feature it in a video. Stay updated on industry trends and share them with your audience, relating themes to how you and your dealership can provide solutions.

Test-drive vehicles

Create videos that showcase the experience of test-driving different vehicles. Highlight features, performance, and the benefits of each model, emphasizing how each feature meets specific needs of potential buyers.

Turn cold leads hot

Remember all those inventory inquiries you’ve received in the past three years? If your team has been entering prospects’ contact information into the CRM, you should have a long list of potential buyers. Group contacts by the model they were interested in, and create a video for each group. Introduce yourself and inform the viewer about the availability of the vehicles they inquired about. To reignite interest, consider doing a video walkaround to showcase vehicle features.

Demos and Explainers

Demonstration and explainer videos are valuable in helping buyers understand how to use certain features or website tools. Topics might include how to use the entertainment system, how to charge an electric vehicle, or how to use your website’s payment calculator. By demonstrating your expertise and willingness to help car buyers, you build trust and position yourself as a valuable resource.


Compile a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) from your sales prospecting calls and address them in a video. Send this video to new and old leads, providing valuable information while saving time on repetitive inquiries. To make these videos more engaging, you can try recruiting teammates to “photobomb” your video and add their insights, especially for topics that benefit from discussion or multiple perspectives.

Don’t worry about perfection

They say practice makes perfect, but don’t let the pursuit of perfection get in the way of good enough. Prepare a script or bullet points to guide content, but if you stumble over a few words, don’t sweat it.

Strike while the iron is hot

Use a video platform that sends a notification when a recipient watches your video. This allows you to promptly reach out and follow up when a customer is engaged and interested.

As the automotive landscape grows more competitive, try harnessing the power of video for effective sales prospecting. Incorporating videos into your outreach strategies can significantly enhance your ability to attract and convert prospects, increase leads and ultimately, close more deals.

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