Get more online shoppers to YOUR website and in YOUR sales funnel…higher in the buying cycle!

Google estimates that approximately 70% of all automotive shoppers are searching for New Model Review Videos, early in the buying cycle, to help them decide which Brand and Dealership they should visit (website) to begin their next step of looking for inventory (VIN) specific content. The problem is that most automotive dealerships only have “words” and “pictures” available on their website, so the shoppers are having to rely on other sources to begin their online shopping journey.

One easy way to attract more online shoppers to your website higher in the buying cycle is to offer them the video content they are searching for. FlickFusion’s Video Test Drive Tool makes it easy for you to add New Model Review Videos to your website to generate greater SEO, provide the Information that your shoppers are looking for, and deliver that information in an Emotional video presentation that will lock more shoppers into your sales funnel and drive more website traffic to your store.

Use your videos in Facebook Campaigns, Good Ad Campaigns, Re-Targeting Campaigns, Video Texts/Emails, even on your VDP Pages…all at no additional charge. Our goal is to help you re-purpose your video content and create as many Video Points of Presence (POPs) as possible. Watch some of the samples below and then give us a call to learn more. We look forward to serving you.