Transferring Enthusiasm with Video

Transferring Enthusiasm with Video

As someone who has lived and breathed automotive for years, I can’t stress how vital video has become in the car sales process. When car buyers use Google to search for information related to purchasing vehicles, Google returns YouTube results featuring several videos on that topic. Most car buyers also search for videos of their vehicle of interest to see it in action.

In addition, whether they are conscious of it or not, car buyers want to know if this vehicle “feels” right. Subconsciously they are wondering, can I imagine myself driving this car? Will I look good driving this car? Am I excited to drive this car? Video provides the answers to those questions.

Most inventory videos are informative, but they do little to excite car shoppers to the point where they want to rush out and buy that vehicle. That is why it’s so important to create inventory videos that promote vehicle features in an enthusiastic manner.

The Essence of Sales

At its core, sales is about transferring enthusiasm from one person to another. It’s a simple yet incredibly powerful concept that drives successful transactions, and video is the only medium capable of accomplishing this goal.

How can anyone effectively transfer enthusiasm through a static email template? It just doesn’t work. Even a well-crafted email is flat and lacks the energy and excitement that a video can deliver.

Limitations of Photos and Specs

Imagine trying to sell a highline or fully loaded vehicle through text alone. How do you convey the exhilarating sound of the engine roaring to life? How do you describe the sumptuous feel of the leather seats or the sleek design of the dashboard? You can’t. Static content falls short in capturing these sensory experiences that are crucial for connecting with car enthusiasts.

This is where video comes in. A well-produced video can showcase everything you know and love about a car. It can bring to life the smoothness of the ride and the luxury of the interior.

High-end car buyers, in particular, want to see what they’re buying. They want to feel the luxury and visualize themselves behind the wheel.

Catering to Car Enthusiasts

Car enthusiasts are a unique breed. They crave details and get excited about the smallest design nuances. Videos provide the opportunity to display vehicles from every angle, highlight their features, and demonstrate performance.  This visual representation helps build an emotional connection that is essential for converting viewers into buyers.

Videos can easily convey a sense of exclusivity and excitement around getting a new car. It’s not just about showing the car; it’s about showcasing what makes it special.

Tips for Enthusiastic Videos

To create videos that will spark a buyer’s enthusiasm, follow these tips.

1) Highlight key features. Focus on what makes each car unique; whether it’s advanced technology, paint color, phone charging pads, plenty of cargo space, or a luxurious interior. Think above and beyond what is listed in the vehicle specifications.

2) Ensure high quality. Most smartphones produce quality videos, but you’ll need to invest in a gimbal for camera stability, as well as a noise-cancelling lavalier. Clear visuals and crisp audio are crucial to keep viewers engaged.

3) Be authentic. The only thing worse than no enthusiasm is fake enthusiasm. If you are not feeling enthusiastic, make the video at another time. Genuine excitement is contagious and will resonate with viewers, so create videos when you are feeling high in energy and in a good mood.

Video is without a doubt the best tool for transferring enthusiasm from seller to buyer. By incorporating video into your sales strategy, you can create a more immersive and compelling shopping experience for your customers.

Keep those cameras rolling!

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