People Buy From People They Like! In fact, most Automotive Shoppers are looking for a dealership that they can trust, every bit as much as they are a vehicle to purchase. Unfortunately, most automotive dealership do very little to sell themselves on their website or any of the touch-points that they are paying thousands of dollars a month to merchandise their inventory.

FlickFusion makes it easy for your automotive dealerships to utilize highly emotional and engaging video content that will humanize your dealership, build trust, and inspire higher funnel shoppers to actually pick up the phone and call you with their questions. More importantly, your dealership can utilize this video content across multiple digital marketing strategies, thus increasing each strategies ROI and driving more traffic to your websites while delivering even more appointments, shows, and sales. Give FlickFusion a call and let us show you first hand how you our series of Automated Value Proposition, Testimonial, and FAQ videos can drive an immediate increase in your sales. And you if already have your own video content, FlickFusion can help you leverage that video content across more touch-points as well, including full integration with your Inventory Videos on your VDP Pages.