FlickFusion’s StreaMe Live Video Calling feature provides you with the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Dynamic way for your shoppers to engage your dealership sales and service teams with a Live Video Call. Utilizing WebRTC Technology, all your shopper has to do is “Click A Button”. That’s right, your shoppers do not have to download any special apps, visit any special websites, or enter any special codes. All your shopper has to do is simply click the One-Way video call button on your website and they are instantly connected to your team via a Round Robin Video Call System.

Your team can also have a User Based video call button that will only ring to them. When your team is sending Video Email or Text messages to their customers and leads, a Video Call button will be included in the communication that will only call the person who sent the message. So your sales team doesn’t have to worry about their customers or leads engaging with someone else.

One Click Video Calling:

  • Shoppers can “one-click” to call regardless of their device (Desktop & Mobile)
  • One-Way or Two-Way Video Calling available
  • Shopper doesn’t download any special apps or have to enter any special codes
  • Video Calls can be stored with CRM Integration for real-time data transfer and lead/account updates
  • Stand-a-lone or Video Email/Text Integration