Why Dealers Need a Personalized Video Strategy

Why Dealers Need a Personalized Video Strategy

According to a study by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to do business with companies that offer personalized experiences. And an Adobe study found that 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions; even more significantly, 76% get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.

For auto dealerships, embracing personalization means going beyond the use of template emails with the recipient’s name populating two or three areas. Personalization is about delivering dynamic and engaging content that resonates with potential buyers because it makes them feel valued.

This is why it’s so important to add personalization to your marketing toolbox. Specifically, try creating a video marketing strategy with content for every stage of the buying journey. Here are examples of how you can use personalized video content to increase marketing effectiveness.

Sales Follow-Up Videos

Expecting every salesperson to create a unique video for each lead is impractical. Fortunately, there is a smarter approach. Create one live walkaround video for every vehicle and make them easily available to the sales team. When a lead comes in for a particular vehicle, the salesperson can personalize the video with a unique voiceover or a picture-in-picture format, featuring the salesperson’s face in a corner as they narrate the conversation.

The magic lies in personalization. Use the customer’s name throughout the video — a simple touch that makes them feel special. Address their questions and, equally important, ask questions that invite them to respond. This two-way interaction transforms follow-up videos from generic responses to tailored conversations, fostering a connection beyond the showroom.

Personalized Trade-In Offers

More vehicle owners are selling their cars to online retailers, sight unseen. To stay competitive, dealers need to be aggressive about identifying and making offers to customers who own desirable vehicles.

One solution to effectively grab your customers’ attention is a personalized video presentation generated by artificial intelligence (AI). Specifically, these videos make personalized cash offers to a specific customer for a specific make and model. The data comes from your CRM and the videos are created by AI, so the effort required on the part of your staff is minimal. Yet, these videos are highly effective for inventory acquisition purposes.

Service Reminder Videos

Make sure your customers never miss a service appointment with personalized video reminders. Pay spiffs to service advisors or technicians who are willing to make short videos that can be sent out ahead of time. Include brief information on the upcoming appointment, why the service needs to be done, possible additional recommendations that might come up, and service promotions that apply.

Thank You Videos

Similar to sales follow-up videos, a thank you video makes customers feel appreciated. Encourage your sales team to get in the habit of sending out a short, personalized thank you message to every customer after a purchase. These heartfelt videos go a long way toward building customer loyalty.

Lease Renewal Videos

Guide customers through the lease renewal process with personalized videos. Explain options, showcase new models, and present enticing offers to encourage lease renewals or trade-ins.

Educational Videos

Offer valuable information to your customers through personalized educational videos. From vehicle features to maintenance tips, educational videos position your dealership as a trusted source of knowledge.

Special Promotion Videos

Highlight special promotions and offers with personalized videos. Whether your dealership is offering discounts, limited-time offers, or exclusive deals, a personalized touch makes these promotions more compelling.

AI Makes Personalization a Breeze

AI technology takes personalized video marketing to the next level. Automated video production, powered by AI, transforms static images into dynamic and engaging content. Imagine receiving a set of images and having them automatically organized, arranged in the correct sequence, and enhanced with overlays, voiceovers, intros, and outros — all customized to the individual.

A personalized video strategy is not just a trend; it’s a powerful tool that can redefine how dealerships connect with their audience. In a world where every customer is unique, a personalized video strategy is the key to standing out and making a lasting impression.

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