Why Dealers Need Incentive Videos

Why Dealers Need Incentive Videos

Manufacturer incentives on vehicles constantly change, presenting a challenge for dealerships. These incentives, which range from cash rebates to lease specials, play a vital role in attracting prospective buyers. To promote these incentives, dealerships often turn to advertising agencies for videos that can be used in digital ads, posted on social media, or on third-party auto shopping sites. However, ad agencies are expensive, and the process takes time.

Now, the power of artificial intelligence (AI) delivers a better, faster option. From a single set of vehicle photos, an AI-powered video marketing platform can instantly create custom incentive videos for every make and model with an incentive attached to it. Then, the videos can be instantly distributed across multiple channels. Here’s how it works.

The Challenge of Video Creation

Manufacturers are constantly coming up with fresh incentives designed to entice car shoppers to make their move. These offers are dynamic, with changing terms and conditions. To leverage these opportunities, dealerships require engaging videos that effectively communicate these incentives to their audience.

Historically, the process of creating promotional videos has involved hiring advertising and/or marketing agencies. This approach takes time, which means dealers are missing out on potential leads from the time the incentives are announced, to the time the videos are ready. Additionally, budget constraints mean that dealers are limited in their ability to make multiple videos featuring different makes and models, along with the different incentives for each one.

How AI is a Game Changer

AI is a game changer when it comes to video production. With AI, dealers can have incentive videos created and distributed in the same amount of time as it would take to schedule a meeting with their ad agency. This newfound speed-to-market capability is highly valuable when capitalizing on time-sensitive offers. Dealerships no longer need to worry about delays or missing out on potential sales due to sluggish marketing response times.

By eliminating the need to pay expensive agency fees, dealerships can save valuable marketing dollars. The affordability of AI-generated incentive videos makes it possible for dealerships to invest more in other critical areas of their marketing strategy, such as targeted advertising or enhancing the customer experience.

An additional benefit is that AI-generated videos are automatically compliant with manufacturer standards.

Customization and Branding

AI technology empowers dealerships to customize incentive videos to align with their branding. By adding their name, logo, and specific promotional messages, dealers can ensure consistency with their overall marketing strategy. This level of personalization is essential for building brand recognition and trust among potential buyers.

Multi-Channel Distribution

Once created, incentive videos are quickly and automatically distributed across multiple channels. From the dealership’s website to third-party auto shopping websites and social media platforms, AI technology ensures videos reach a broad audience. The ability to effectively leverage a wide range of distribution channels is key to reaching potential car buyers across various touchpoints.

Effective Email Marketing

Incentive videos are highly effective in email marketing campaigns. When sent to prospective customers, these videos can capture attention and drive engagement, increasing the chances of customers exploring the dealership’s new vehicle selection.

In the auto industry, every lead counts. Manufacturer incentives are valuable tools for attracting potential buyers, but dealerships must effectively communicate these offers to their audience. The ability to create compelling incentive videos is crucial.

AI technology, with its cost and time savings, customization options, multi-channel distribution capabilities, and effectiveness in email marketing, has emerged as a powerful alternative to traditional methods for video creation.

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