Acquire More Inventory with Video Offers

Utilize video to gain inventory

A significant challenge for dealerships today is the acquisition of high-quality used vehicles for their inventory. The problem has been exacerbated by the rise of online retailers that offer cash for vehicles, sight unseen. Customers like these transactions because they’re convenient and because they feel like they can get the best deal if they shop […]

The Ascendancy of Video: A Preferred Medium for the 21st Century Consumer

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content, the data shows that video has emerged as the clear favorite among consumers, illustrating an upward trend that’s seen its popularity increase remarkably over the past decade. Today, video is transforming consumer behavior and engagement, making it an indispensable tool for any marketing strategy. But what fuels consumers’ […]

5 Benefits Video Marketing Brings to Your Dealership

Video has become an essential part of marketing efforts for businesses across various industries. For a dealership to sell cars, strategically using video can increase sales and enhance the dealership’s brand. 5 simple ways video can benefit your dealership are as follows: 1.  Video engages consumers: Video is an excellent medium for engaging consumers by providing […]

3 Benefits of Interactive Inventory Videos

Online disruptors, including Carvana and Vroom, have invested millions of dollars into interactive video technology for one simple reason: Interactive video allows them to merchandise their vehicles in a way that engages consumers and creates an emotional connection, thus proving that shoppers will buy sight-unseen if given enough visual information. In the automotive industry, creating […]

Sell Your Salespeople

In a 2021 study by Marchex and Root & Associates, 91% of car shoppers said that trust in the salesperson and/or dealership was an important factor in their dealership selection process. That is higher than the percentage of people (85%) who chose “Absolute lowest price” as an important factor! As one of our great industry […]

How to Use Video to Drive Customers Down the Sales Funnel

Video content has long been the preferred choice for consumers. To such a degree that social media platforms have altered their algorithms. Due to the high rate of consumer consumption, video content is set to keep dominating as a top medium to use in marketing. If you’re not using video, you should make it a […]

Make Them Love Your Dealership

In order to sell a vehicle, two things need to happen. The consumer needs to become emotionally attached to a vehicle, and they need to become emotionally attached to your dealership. The traditional road to the sale has always included “sell your dealership,” but the recent inventory shortages have negated the necessity of this step. […]

Video: Do You Know What You’re Doing or Are You Just Winging It?

A lot of dealerships have “value proposition” videos, the problem is their strategy is to get those videos seen by “the right shopper.” Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms are great for branding, high funnel messaging, and the occasional mid to low funnel contact. However, there is a place where significantly more people (every […]

There’s Nothing Like Live!

Humans are by their very nature social. We’ve lost a lot of that over the past few years during the pandemic. Zoom and other services became integral to continuing business through remote working and collaboration. Because of that, people have grown accustomed to live video calling for collaboration and communication. Many companies are implementing or […]

Stock Videos Versus “Real” Videos

I love cars, and I love buying cars. Sometimes I go to the manufacturer’s website and build a car with upgraded features. I like to compare the way a model looks with a feature, such as a sunroof, to the way that model looks without that feature, or to a model with a different color. […]