Use Video Test Drives to Bring the Showroom Online

Use Video Test Drives to Bring the Showroom Online

Consumer preferences for video test drives are on the rise, with many shoppers expressing a preference for this digital-first approach to car shopping. According to Google, active car shoppers ranked at-home test drives, review videos, digital showrooms, and virtual reality (VR) test drives as the most preferred activities in lieu of a dealership visit.

This preference emphasizes how important it is for dealerships to embrace video test drives as part of their digital marketing strategy. Video test drives offer customers the ability to explore and experience a dealership’s inventory from the comfort of their own homes. The convenience factor is particularly appealing for busy professionals, parents, or individuals with mobility limitations, who may find it challenging to visit a dealership in person.

Accessibility is a key advantage of video test drives. Unlike traditional test drives, which are often limited by dealership hours and availability, video test drives can be accessed anytime, anywhere, with just a few clicks. This accessibility ensures that dealerships can reach a broader audience of potential customers, including those who may live in remote areas or have busy schedules that prevent them from visiting a showroom during regular business hours.

For some people, safety is another crucial consideration. Video test drives provide a safe alternative to traditional in-person test drives, reducing the risk of exposure to bacteria and viruses. By offering video test drives, dealerships demonstrate a commitment to customer safety and well-being, which can help build trust and confidence among prospective buyers.

Creating a quality video test drive can be a challenge, however. Unlike inventory videos that are relatively easy to produce, a video test drive requires planning, time, a professional photographer, drones, or 360-degree cameras. It’s not a realistic feat for most dealerships to accomplish for all of their inventory.

Fortunately, professional video test drives for virtually all makes and models are available for purchase. Dealers who want to incorporate video test drives into their digital marketing efforts, can consider the following tips.

1) Feature video test drives prominently on your website and include links to these videos in your vehicle display pages (VDPs).

2) Have your video test drives play on a landing page that opens up when a car shopper clicks on the video. Featuring your video test drive on a landing page allows you to include calls-to-action, a lead form, and other videos on the same page to keep customers engaged.

3) In addition to video test drives, showcase a variety of videos in your digital showroom to help consumers make an informed choice. Different videos to consider include interactive 360-degree videos, value proposition videos, and customer testimonial videos.

4) Promote your video test drives across your dealership’s website, social media channels, third-party auto shopping sites, and other digital marketing platforms to maximize visibility and reach.

Video test drives are a powerful tool for attracting and converting customers online. By embracing these and other videos to create an immersive digital shopping experience for consumers, dealerships can build trust and credibility with customers, improve customer satisfaction, and drive more sales.

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