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Using Video to Market Your CPO Program

As published in F&I Showroom magazine, April 2022 The average price for a new, non-luxury vehicle in November 2021 was $43,144, which is a record high, according to Kelley Blue Book. With prices like that, combined with limited inventory, many car shoppers are opting to purchase certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles. The CPO market has grown consistently over the last three years, with an 11 percent year-over-year increase from 2020 to 2021, according to IHS Markit. Dealers that have CPO programs can take advantage of this trend, but many dealers don’t properly merchandise and market these vehicles on their websites or

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Social Listening with Video

It is a well-known fact that video marketing is the most desired and powerful way to engage customers. There are many ways to use video to engage customers including explainer videos, video walkarounds of vehicles, live interactions, and more. Most of these are either customer-initiated engagements via a submitted form or an inquiry to dealers. A good best practice is to send all leads video introductions. But… what happens if they don’t respond to your video introduction? If you aren’t working with a technology provider that allows you to have real-time alerts when someone views your delivered videos, then you

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How To Use Video To Increase Your Service Revenue

Have you ever been frustrated because a customer turned down a service recommendation? Perhaps they hand you the excuse that they need to consult with a spouse, friend, or family member before they accept. The problem is most consumers are pre-conditioned to say “no” to the additional service recommendations. They all know the additional service recommendation is coming, and have already prepared themselves to say no, without knowing the additional services you plan to recommend. But how do you convince that customer who lacks trust that the additional services are truly needed? VIDEO! Most consumers say “no” to the additional

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Four Videos That Build Customer Trust

At a dealership, it’s important to establish customer trust on two different levels; trust in your dealership brand and trust in your individual employees, because they are the front-line representation of your brand. Videos are an ideal medium for building that trust. Videos bring your dealership brand and your employees to life, making it easy to convey your values, expertise, and professionalism. To build customer trust, create four types of videos and post them on your website, social media platforms, and use them in your email marketing. Inventory and Walkaround Videos Credibility builds trust, and the key to being credible

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The Importance of Inventory Walk Around Videos

The popularity of inventory walkaround videos has grown, and I love seeing it. What I don’t understand is this—why aren’t those same videos on your website, AutoTrader, Cars.com—all the other touchpoints that you are paying money to market your inventory, and where “in-market” shoppers are looking? The reason you are taking the time to walk out to the car, complete your walkaround, and upload your video to Facebook is that you know people on Facebook will love the video and want to come down to your store and see the car for themselves. Isn’t that your goal with your website

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Video Is Essential for Personalization & Branding

Why does everyone like Super Bowl commercials? Heck, some people watch the Super Bowl just to see them! Companies spend millions of dollars for a 30-second slot both during and leading up to the Super Bowl. And why do consumers like them? Because they are entertaining and use video to tell help companies tell stories. Emotion sells, but so does information.  Especially when you can transfer your information in a more emotional manner, and that is exactly what utilizing videos does. They also make those companies memorable and help gain brand exposure as people continue to discuss them around the

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