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Make Them Love Your Dealership

In order to sell a vehicle, two things need to happen. The consumer needs to become emotionally attached to a vehicle, and they need to become emotionally attached to your dealership. The traditional road to the sale has always included “sell your dealership,” but the recent inventory shortages have negated the necessity of this step. Many salespeople have adopted a “I don’t care if you buy it because I know the next person that comes in will buy it” attitude. But with used car prices falling, new vehicle production ramping up and a looming recession, this type of complacency needs

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Selling to Gen Z with Video

Members of Generation Z, also known as Zoomers, were born between 1997 and 2010. The majority are in their late teens and early 20s, a prime age group for buying vehicles. In fact, 88% of Gen Z plans to purchase their first vehicle within the next five years, according to a recent survey by Autotrader.com.   Gen Z is large, more than 67 million strong with a combined $360 billion in spending powder, according to Bloomberg. For auto dealers, this presents a tremendous opportunity. Knowing how to market to this generation is key to attaining their business and loyalty.  

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How to Make EV Inventory Videos

By Brian Cox In a recent Consumer Reports survey, 71 percent of consumers expressed at least some degree of interest in buying or leasing an electric vehicle. While that percentage may drop as gas prices drop, that is still a significant portion of your customers who are considering making the switch to electric. But the decision to purchase an EV is not an easy one to make and requires a significant amount of research on the part of the consumer. What are the different types of EVs? What is their mileage range? What is the best method of charging? What

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Video: Do You Know What You’re Doing or Are You Just Winging It?

A lot of dealerships have “value proposition” videos, the problem is their strategy is to get those videos seen by “the right shopper.” Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms are great for branding, high funnel messaging, and the occasional mid to low funnel contact. However, there is a place where significantly more people (every day) will see your videos than they will on all of the social media platforms combined, and the majority of the people on this site are mid to low-funnel shoppers. Have you guessed it? That’s right, “your” website. Listen, this is simple. One of the

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4 Videos That Digital Retail Customers Demand

By Brian Cox First, it was the pandemic, now it’s inventory shortages. In the last two and a half years, the volume of car shoppers in dealership showrooms has dropped dramatically. The big question is when inventory levels normalize will showroom traffic return or will car buyers continue to shop online? According to a Cars.com consumer survey in December 2021, 38% of car shoppers said they expect to complete the entire buying process online, with another 38% intending to purchase a vehicle in person but complete all paperwork online.  Additionally, 41% of recent shoppers plan to pre-order their next vehicle.

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Lead Responsive Video

The Perfect Lead Response Video

When someone submits a lead through your website or a third-party website, how does your sales team respond? The first attempt is usually a phone call, but if the prospect doesn’t answer, what next? Depending on the contact information provided, most salespeople text or send an email. Video is rarely included in lead responses. This is surprising, especially when you look at the data behind the effectiveness of video. Video is guaranteed to get attention, inspire more emotion, and is a great way to stand out from the competition. Additionally, videos are a great way to merchandise inventory to distant

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