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How AI Enhances Vehicle Merchandising

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the auto industry is a hot topic these days. Many dealers are wondering how they can use AI to improve both the online and in-store customer experience. One area where AI is already making a difference is online vehicle merchandising. The power of AI is being used every day to help dealerships create an online vehicle showroom with the same visual appeal as their lot. When a customer walks onto a dealership’s lot, what do they notice first? All the vehicles are immaculate, parked in a straight line, and facing the same direction.

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10 Ways AI Will Transform Dealership Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already reshaping the landscape of retail automotive in many ways. In this article, I’d like to explore the concept of how AI will impact the future of automotive marketing. If marketing technology vendors haven’t already incorporated AI into their products, they are probably working on it. Here are ten ways that AI technology will soon improve marketing results while reducing costs for dealerships. 1. Personalized Marketing. AI can take over the task of sorting through a CRM in order to segment customers based on preferences, location, buying history, and online behavior. This allows marketers to create

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7 Habits to Highly Effective Video Email

Did you know that the average working professional receives 120 emails every day? No one has time to read that many emails, so do you know what happens to most of your dealership’s emails that get sent out? They get deleted without ever being opened. Yet, email is undeniably still the most direct and effective channel for reaching your desired audience—if you can get people to open your emails. So, how do you make your email stand out from those other 119 emails? The answer is video. Many dealers have asked me how to get started with video email, so

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Drive More Sales with AI-Generated Multimedia

When it comes to marketing vehicles, auto dealerships are increasingly recognizing the power of using multiple types of media, such as photos and several different video formats. This multi-faceted approach benefits dealers in several ways, including the following. Enhanced presentation. Car shoppers want to view vehicles from multiple angles and perspectives. Offering photos and videos of a vehicle provides potential buyers with a better understanding of the vehicle’s features, condition, and overall appeal. Expanded reach. Different customers interact with media in different ways. Some people prefer watching videos, while others enjoy scrolling through photos or reading detailed descriptions. By providing

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How Important is an Inventory Video Background?

Would you let the cars on your lot be disorganized, not parked evenly, or have anything less than a perfect presentation? Probably not. So why would you not have that same attention to detail on your website? The demand for custom backgrounds in vehicle inventory photos and videos is growing. As more and more dealers are beginning to realize that online merchandising is just as important, if not more important, as their on-the-lot merchandising when it comes to building trust and driving emotion with shoppers, many are seeking to bring consistency and a professional appearance to their website Vehicle Detail

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Why Management Buy-In is Essential for Video

I talk to dealers daily about how they use video to market and merchandise their dealership’s vehicles. Over the years, I have developed a good idea of what is required to make a video strategy successful. When all other things are equal, the dealership that has management buy-in gets better results from their video marketing and merchandising efforts. This is not really surprising. How many times have you heard the same thing about any new technology or software in use at a dealership? Yet, video marketing often gets overlooked; perhaps because it’s considered to under the purview of marketing. The

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